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what da fuck is identity polatics

Utada Hikaru in the music video for COLORS Hi, I ❤ Hikaru Utada and PawaPuro and Kingdom Hearts (The BBS trio are my FAVORITE) and also I really love listening to J-Pop and playing fighting games and going on my phone and playing games and I like Sudoku and puzzle games. If your site has an annoying ass CRT filter on it I'm FUCKING KILLING YOU.

My 2024 Bingo Card

High-profile internet personality gets arrested Joe Biden and/or Donald Trump die before election Twitter shuts down Social Media collapses and we're all thrust back into Web 1.0 Nintendo "Switch 2" is actually announced
4chan shuts down
Another video game Gigaleak occurs New game in dormant Nintendo IP is announced Somebody dies in Cybertruck accident
Web 3.0 bubble bursts
COVID-19 comes back and everything shuts down again PawaPuro 2024 gets international release Free Space! A Youtuber's name is on the Epstine Flight Logs Skibidi Toilet film in theaters
Google Search adds AI-generated results and becomes unusable Kingdom Hearts 4 release date is revealed Russo-Ukrainian War ends Taylor Swift is added to Fortnite Warner Bros. Discovery files for bankrupcy
Scene fashion comes back into style DeviantArt shuts down TikTok becomes a serious YouTube competitor Film/TV/Video Game Industry collapses Ron DeSantis assassination attempt